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I often get in and out of cars at work and it pressed my old carabiner, causing my keys to come loose in a customer's car. This was a huge problem since I have very important keys. I found this set of carabiners as a solution and they work great! Very easy to twist to lock and unlock, I even gave my girlfriend one for her keys! They are slick in black, the lock has texture making it very non-slip on your fingers. I can get these things unlocked in seconds, while not worrying about them ever unlocking themselves.
February 26, 2018
I decided to get this carabiner to make a keychain for my son's Boy Scout troop. They can use it for hiking/camping bag. The carabiner has a lever to hook it to anything and the twist lock will keep it from opening. It worked out great!
 July 4, 2019
Pretty good deal. I ordered these to keep my camera accessories within reach on my camera backpack while out shooting in rugged terrain, where I need my hands. I like the color combinations and the key rings are helpful to have, too.
April 2, 2017
January 25, 2017
Sally Olivier
These carabiners are excellent. The twisting lock over the clip adds security and confidence that whatever you attach will stay put. I used mine to hook an extra pair of shoes to my backpack.