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Carry a flashlight with you.
Source: | Author:dgshichuang200612 | Published time: 2020-07-22 | 812 Views | Share:
The small size makes it easy to carry. With 11 gear adjustable brightness, rotating head, 11-stop brightness easy to switch. A Lumileds LED bead with a maximum brightness of 240lm is built into the head of the lamp, which is fully suited to everyday use. The minimalist design, made of aluminum alloy, is durable and full of texture, with a white body that complements the silver head. The machine weighs only 103g and is lightweight and sophisticated. Built-in 3350mAh lithium-ion battery for up to 216 minutes of bright light. The built-in SY6918 smart chip charges mainstream electronic devices with an input and output of 5V1A. In addition, the product also has SOS light flashing distress mode, small current discharge mode and other functions.