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What kinds of bottle openers are there?
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What kinds of bottle openers are there?

In fact, there are many styles and types, each bottle opener has a different shape, can handle different situations and occasions.

1.T-shaped bottle opener we most commonly use, including usually at home will be prepared is T-shaped bottle opener. This type of bottle opener is the simplest and most common, but using this bottle opener requires the screw drill into the cork plug, so it takes a lot of effort.

2. Butterfly bottle opener because of the T-shaped bottle opener labor, so people will soon turn their attention to another butterfly-shaped bottle opener, also known as butterfly bottle opener. Butterfly bottle opener using the principle of leverage, not only simple operation, but also requires not much effort, but if you need to open a longer vintage wine is not suitable for the use of this bottle opener, because it is easy to damage the cork.

3. Sea horse knife bottle opener sea horse knife bottle opener is also very common. In the bar and restaurant staff, this is their necessary bottle opener, this bottle opener is small, easy to carry, and can all wine, but the use of sea horse knife is more complex, in addition to professional sommeliers, the general people rarely use this bottle opener.
For those who drink and love wine, a bottle opener is a must. In order to be able to cope with a variety of wines, people have also invented many different types of bottle openers. If the small partners need, you can first consider the type of wine you often drink, and then in the recommendation of professional people, choose the most suitable and simple bottle opener Oh!