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Commonly used aluminum gold medal number and use.((part 1)
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Aluminum alloy is the most widely used type of non-ferrous metal structural materials in the industry, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, marine and chemical industry has been widely used. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welding structural parts is increasing day by day, so that the welding research of aluminum alloy is also in-depth.
       The aluminum alloy model, also known as the brand name, usually uses copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, magnesium and other alloy elements, invented by the German Alfred Wilm in the early 20th century, the development of aircraft has been of great help, a great post-war German aluminum alloy composition is classified as a state secret. Lighter and more resistant to corrosion than regular carbon steel, but less resistant to corrosion than pure aluminum. In a clean, dry environment, the surface of the aluminum alloy forms a protective oxide layer. The composition of aluminum alloys needs to be registered with the Aluminium Association (AA). Many organizations publish more specific standards for the manufacture of aluminum alloys, including the American Automobile Engineering Association (SAE), particularly aviation standards, and the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM. So what are the cards, and for some aspects:

One: JIS A.A 1000 series - pure aluminum system.

1, 1060 as a conductive material IACS guarantee 61%, when the need for strength using 6061 wires.
2, 1085 1080 1070 1050 1N30 1085 1080 1070 1050 - good formability, good surface treatment, the best corrosion resistance in aluminum alloy. Because it is pure aluminum, its strength is lower, the higher the purity and the lower its strength. Daily necessities, aluminum plates, lighting appliances, reflectors, ornaments, chemical industry containers, heat dissipators, soluble wiring, conductive materials.
3, 1100 1200 AL purity of more than 99.0% of the general-purpose aluminum, anode oxidation treatment after the appearance of slightly white exterior and the same note. General objects, heatshots, caps, printing boards, building materials, heat exchanger components 1N00 - strength than 1100 slightly higher, good forming, its chemical characteristics and 1100 the same.

II: Daily necessities 2000 series - AL x Cu system.
1, 2011 fast-cutting alloy, good cutting strength is also high. But corrosion resistance is poor. When corrosion resistance is required, 6062 alloy volume shafts, optical components, screw heads are used.
2, 2014 2017 2024 contains a large amount of Cu, corrosion resistance is not good, but high strength, can be used as a construction material, forging can also be applied, aircraft, gears, oil, pressure components, axles.
3, 2117 solid melting heat treatment, as a reaming material, for the delay at room temperature estration velocity alloy.
4, 2018 2218 forging alloys. Good forging and high temperature strength, so used in the need for heat-resistant forging products, corrosion resistance is not good, cylinder head, pistons, VTR cylinders.
5, 2618 forged alloy. The high temperature strength is superior but the corrosion resistance is not good. Pistons, rubber molds for forming, general heat-resistant components.
6, 2219 high strength, low temperature and high temperature characteristics are good, solubility is also superior, but corrosion resistance is not good. Containers for low temperature, aircraft machines. 7, 2025 forging alloys. Forging is good and strong, but corrosion resistance is poor. Propellers, gas drums. 2N01- Forging alloy. It is heat-resistant and has high strength, but it is not good. Aircraft engines, oil pressure components.

Three: 3000 Series - AL x Mn System.
1, 3003 3203 strength than 1100 about 10% higher, formability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good. General objects, heat dissipators, make-up boards, photocopier rollers, marine materials.
2, 3004 3104 strength than 3003 high, excellent formability, corrosion resistance is also good. Aluminum cans, lamp caps, roof panels, colored aluminum plate 3, 3005 3005 strength than 3003 is about 20% higher, corrosion resistance is also better. Building materials, colored aluminum plate.
4, 3105 3105 strength than 3003 slightly higher, the other characteristics are similar to 3003. Building materials, colored aluminum plate, bottle cap.

Four: 4000 series - AL x Si system.
1, 4032 heat resistance, 秏, thermal expansion coefficient is small. Pistons, cylinder heads.
2, 4043 solidification shrinkage is less, with anode sulfate oxidation treatment is gray natural hair color. Dissolved wiring, building panels.