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Common Aluminum Gold Number and Use (Part 2)
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V: 5000 Series - AL x Mg Series.
1, 5005 strength and 3003 the same, processing, solubility, corrosion resistance is good, anode oxidation after the modification processing is good, with 6063 shape color. Construction with internal and external equipment, vehicles, ships.
2, 5052 is the most representative alloy of medium intensity, corrosion resistance, solubility and formability is good, especially high fatigue strength, good resistance to seawater. General sheet metal, ships, vehicles, buildings, caps, hive plates.
3, 5652 limit 5052 elements of the unorthroid elements, and inhibit hydrogen peroxide separation alloy, other characteristics and 5052 with hydrogen peroxide container 4, 5154 strength than 5052 about 20% higher, other characteristics and 5052 the same as 5052, pressure vessel.
5, 5254 limit 5154 of the inespressive elements, and inhibit the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide alloy, other characteristics are the same as 5154. Hydrogen peroxide container 6, 5454 strength than 5052 about 20% higher, its characteristics and 5154 is about the same, but in the harsh environment corrosion resistance than 5154 is good. Automotive wheels 7, 5056 corrosion resistance is superior to cutting and finishing the working surface, anode oxidation treatment and its dyeing is good. Camera body, communication machine components, pull.
8, 5082 strength and 5083 similar, forming, corrosion resistance is good. The lid of the tank.
9, 5182 strength than 5082 about 5%, the other characteristics are the same as 5082. The lid of the tank.
10, 5083 dissolved construction alloy. In practical non-heat treatment alloys are the highest strength corrosion-resistant alloys, suitable for dissolved construction. Seawater resistance, low temperature characteristics of ships, vehicles, low temperature containers, pressure vessels.
11, 5086 strength is higher than 5154, for good sea water resistance of non-heat treatment system solubility structure alloy. Ships, pressure vessels, magnetic disk 5N01-strength and 3003 the same, after the glory treatment of anode oxidation treatment can have a high brilliance. Forming and corrosion resistance are good. Kitchen supplies, cameras, decorations, aluminum plate 5N02 reaming nail alloy, good sea water resistance reaming nails.

Six: 6000 Series -- AL x Mg x Si System.
1, 6061 heat treatment type corrosion-resistant alloy. Treatment with T6 can have a very high endurance value, but the strength of the solubility interface is low, so the use of screws, hinged ships, vehicles, land-based structures 6N01 medium-strength extrusion alloy, there is 6061 and 6063 between the strength, extrusion punch quenching is good, can be used as a complex shape of large thin meat- material, corrosion resistance, solubility are good. Vehicles, land-based structures, ships.
  (PS: Zhenggang mountaineering buckle conventional climbing buckle is the use of 6061 series aluminum alloy)
2, 6063 representative extrusion alloy, the strength is lower than 6061, extrusion is good, can be used as a complex section shape material, corrosion resistance and surface treatment are good buildings, highway guardrails, high bars, vehicles, furniture, home appliances, ornaments.
3, 6101 high-strength conductive material. 55% IACS guaranteed wires.
4, 6151 forging processing is particularly good, corrosion resistance and surface treatment is also good, suitable for complex forging products. Mechanical, automotive components 5, 6262 corrosion-resistant fast-cutting alloys with better corrosion resistance and surface treatment than 2011 and the same strength as 6061. Camera body, oxidator assembly, brake assembly, gas appliance assembly.

Seven: 7000 Series - AL x Zn x Mg System.
1, 7072 electrode level is low, mainly used for corrosion-proof covering leather, but also suitable for heat exchanger heat dissipators. The leather of aluminum alloy sheet, heat dissipation sheet.
2, 7075 aluminum alloy has one of the highest strength alloys, but corrosion resistance is not good, with 7072 covering leather can improve its corrosion resistance, but the cost increases. Aircraft, ski cane 7050 7050 improve 7075 quenching alloy, good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, suitable for thick plate, forging aircraft, high-speed swing body 7N01 soluble structure alloy, high strength and the strength of the solubility part placed at room temperature, can be returned to near the strength of the master material. Corrosion resistance is also very good. Vehicles, other land-based structures, aircraft.
3, 7003 dissolved structure with extruded alloy, strength slightly lower than 7N01, but good extrusion, can be used as a large-scale thin meat material, the other characteristics are roughly the same as 7N01. Outside the wheels of vehicles and locomotives.