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Carabiners come in all shapes and sizes, and every one of them has a unique purpose. So many climbing companies produce them, and it can be hard to tell the difference from one brand's pear biner to the next. On the other hand, many companies are throwing all kinds ...
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The Carabiner 
Surpassing chalk, puffy jackets, and beer (OK, and ropes too), carabiners are the most essential piece of the climbing life. These small metal clippers are both the staple of any rack and the icon by which non-climbers identify our sport. Once a simple concept—a metal oval with ...
Q. I have a carabiner that says it can hold 21 kN. I know that’s the amount of shock the clip can take, but what’s the maximum constant weight that could be applied to it? A. I asked climbing equipment expert Bill Belcourt from Black Diamond to tackle this one. Here’s what he says: kN ...
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It’s natural to think that a carabiner designed for belaying, with a large diameter and generally burly appearance, would be stronger than what are sometimes called a “paperclip” carabiner, used by many climbers merely for racking gear ...
When using equipment to belay or to maneuver, carabiners are a vital link in the safety chain. User safety often relies on a single carabiner. To avoid the risk of breaking or accidentally opening a carabiner, it is important to know how to choose and use them....
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The Petzl Grigri totally changed the game for belaying on it's release back in 1991. Newer models have slimmed it down and improved upon it's features. However, being so different from a regular belay device means that the best carabiner for the Grigri is a bit different than ...
Quickdraws: a 
guide for climbers
Climbers use quickdraws to attach their rope to pieces of protection when lead climbing. A quickdraw consists of two karabiners connected by a textile sling. Find out about the different types and some of the key issues in this article.Quickdraws, which are also ...
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Every gay woman has been there. You're sitting in class, looking aggressively homosexual, and yet apparently not homosexual enough. On one hand, you must commend Jeffery in Econ 010 for not making any assumptions. But on the other, you're really trying to show ...
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Global Rock Climbing Carabiner Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 offers a deep analysis of the historical data and prevalent and future growth prospects. The report provides all the necessary information required by new entrants ...